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Versatile Training Formats & Competitive Pricing

At Jumping Bean, we recognize that learning is a unique journey that varies from person to person. With that in mind, our training programs are intricately crafted to provide personalized learning pathways for both emerging talent and established professionals in the IT industry.

  1. For those embarking on or transitioning within the IT sector
  2. For experienced professionals seeking swift proficiency in new technologies to fast-track their careers
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Mentor Guidance

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We create the most conducive learning environments by curating groups of students with similar skill levels, both for our classroom-based trainings—online or in-person, and our self-paced, mentored trainings. Through our dynamic learner support tools, we foster online spaces where students can interact and support each other. This ensures effective knowledge exchange, personalized mentorship, and a comprehensive grasp of selected technologies. Catering from IT novices to seasoned experts, we provide the right courses to turbocharge your career trajectory.

Empower Your Future: Swift Upskilling, Certification & Outstanding ROI

Investing in your future is a judicious decision. At Jumping Bean, we pledge to make this investment count. Our expert mentors guide you towards achieving your certification swiftly and seamlessly. Trust Jumping Bean to navigate your career advancement.

Flexible Formats/Times

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Adaptable Training Formats & Schedules

We offer an array of training formats to accommodate your specific needs and preferences:

  1. Instructor-led, on-site or classroom-based - full-time or part-time
  2. Online through our virtual instructor-led training (VILT) - full-time or part-time
  3. Self-paced learning

Our schedules are highly adaptable and can be custom-tailored to fit your availability, including part-time, full-time, weekend, or after-hours options. Connect with our training manager to customize a training plan that synchronizes with your needs.

Instructor-Led Training: Premium & Practical

While self-learning is a viable option, it often lacks the discipline, focus, and efficiency required for mastering complex IT subjects. Our meticulously designed training programs instill structure, support, and guidance to expedite your learning journey. With time as a valuable asset, our courses are structured to optimize your ROI and give you an edge in the rapidly evolving IT realm.

Our training is facilitated by industry veterans, ensuring you receive quality training, rather than the common practice of assigning recent graduates. By maintaining smaller class sizes, we prioritize personalized attention and addressing unique queries or challenges you may face.

Self-Paced Learning: Affordable, Flexible & Supported

The majority of our courses are available as self-paced learning options, offering the flexibility to enhance your skills at your leisure. These options range from pure self-paced to mentor-supported learning through various channels such as phone, email, text, or video chat. We also provide optional Saturday tutorial sessions for those who favor a classroom experience.

Career Path Guidance

For a holistic training program, our 'Career Path' service provides a detailed journey from foundational understanding to professional certification. Whether you aspire to be a full-stack developer, a DevOps engineer, or a cybersecurity professional, our tailored programs cater to your career goals. Our comprehensive courses offer self-study, assignment submissions, instructor interaction, and twice-weekly lectures, accessible both online and in-person. If you're unsure of where to begin or need career advice, we're just a call away.

Pricing for Versatile Training Modes

Our pricing structure is accommodating, designed to suit various training modes, including instructor-led, self-paced, and mentor-supported formats. The pricing offers a perfect blend of value and flexibility. Embark on your journey towards a promising career with Jumping Bean today.

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