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Server Side JavaScript with Node.js

With the arrival of Node.js JavaScript broke free of the browser and enabled a whole new use case for JavaScript. Learn how to programme server-side JavaScript applications with our Server Side JavaScript with Node.js training course. One should be familiar with core JavaScript concepts before attending this course. Our Core JavaScript Fundamentals training course covers the need-to-know foundations of JavaScript if you wish to get up to speed before attending this course. Our course content is continually updated to take into account the new developments in the JavaScript standard and Node.js. Unleash the power of using JavaScript on the server and client side in your applications. This course will teach you how to build a web application for a traditional website which would be hosted on an Apache HTTP server or Nginx and how to build a microservice rest-based application using Node.js. 

Server-Side JavaScript with Node.js Course Outline

  • Introduction to Node.js
    • Traditional Server-Side I/O Model
    • Disadvantages of the Traditional Approach
    • Event-Driven, Non-Blocking I/O
    • Concurrency
  • Installation & Set Up
    • Installing Node.js and NPM
    • Setting Up an Integrated Development Environment
    • Project creation
    • Project layout
      • package.json
    • Executing Node.js Scripts
    • Using Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Module and Dependency Management
    • Introduction to Modules
    • ES206 modules vs Node.Js modules
    • Core Modules
    • Dependency Management Using NPM
    • Installing a Package
    • Global vs local Installation
    • Package Version Numbering Syntax
    • Custom Modules
      • A Simple Module
      • Using the Module
      • Directory Based Modules
      • Making a Module Executable
  • The File System Module
    • Introduction
    • Basic File Manipulation
    • Getting File/Directory Meta Data
    • Read an Entire File
  • Stream API
    • The Readable Interface
    • The Writable Interface
  • Events in Node JS
    • Event Driven Programming
    • Event Emitter
    • EventEmitter Class
    • The Event Loop and Event Handler
    • Phases Overview
    • Event Handlers
    • EventEmitter Functions
  • Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks Revision
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous
    • Callbacks
    • Error Handling with/without Callback
      • Asynchronous Programming with Promises Revision
  • Build and Dependency Management
    • Introduction
    • Gulp Build Manager
    • Installing Gulp Components
    • Writing a Build Script
    • Running Gulp
    • Compiling 'Less' Files
    • Compressing CSS Files
  • Debugging and Unit Testing
    • Using console.log
    • Using the 'debug' Logging Package
    • Configure Logging
    • The 'Node Inspector' Debugger
    • Basic Usage of the Debugger
    • Unit Testing Node.js Applications
    • Writing/Running a Test Script
    • Testing Asynchronous Code
    • Using the Chai Assert API
    • The Chai Expect API
  • Web Server Programming
    • Introduction to Express.js
    • Simple Express application
    • Routes
      • Defining Routing Rules
      • Route Path
    • The Response Object
    • The Request Object
    • Supplying URL Parameters
  • Microservices with Node.js
    • REST API Introduction
    • A Simple Web Service
    • Accessing MongoDB from Node.js
      • The Connection URL
      • Obtaining a Collection
      • Inserting/Updating/Querying/Deleting Documents

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